Dr. John Hill

Dr. John Hill


After graduating from Ball State University School of Music, John began his career as a music educator in Fort Wayne, IN. During his 17 years as a music educator, he earned a Master’s Degree at Indiana University and the Doctor of Arts in Music Degree at Ball State. John returned to graduate school and earned a school administrator’s license, then began the second portion of his career as a high school principal, a director of curriculum and instruction and an Assistant Superintendent for Instruction before retiring after 45 years as a public school educator. In the final phase of that career, he was assigned to lead the curricular re-design of an existing urban elementary school that included incorporation of a music program where every student would learn to play a musical instrument.

After official retirement, John continued to be a consultant to the “el Sistema-inspired music program” at this elementary school through his work with a community agency. In January 2019, after serving for two years on the Board of Directors of the Elkhart (IN) County Symphony Association, he was named the Co-Executive Director of the Symphony.

As both a music educator and a school administrator at the building and district office level, John offers direct insight to building musical programs, sustaining high-quality musical ensembles, designing inclusive musical opportunities and increasing arts participation while simultaneously improving the quality of overall instruction and academic achievement as measured by multiple factors.

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